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Vicky Moon,
Author and Equestrienne,

takes you behind the scenes of the National Horse Show and Grand Prix Show Jumping Circuit season in her latest book A Sunday Horse.

Behind-the-Scenes Scoop on the Grand Prix Show Jumping Circuit

Olympic  equestrian riders,  children of celebrities, illegal immigrant workers, large corporation heirs, and members of royalty all meet in one place; the Grand Prix Show Jumping Circuit.  Vicky Moon, the author of Middleburg Mystique and a life-long equestrienne, takes us behind the scenes of this fascinating world from Palm Beach to the Hamptons, California and beyond in her new book A Sunday Horse.
Vicky Moon describes the intricate dance of horse competitions, swanky charity fundraisers, and the likes of Johnnie Cochran, Bruce Springsteen, Dan Marino, and Michael Bloomberg rubbing shoulders with sports hypnotists and stable staff.  Vicky explains, "In addition to the hoity toity and the hoi poli, we have the haughty and the naughty. Among the other members of the Grand Prix troupe: numerous big league corporate movers and shakers from the pages of Forbes and Fortune and their very pretty (usually blonde) horse loving daughters, a traveling salesman who specializes in carrots, one (registered) sex offender, numerous veterinarians, a sports hypnotist and many merchants who sell anything and everything with a horse or snaffle bit on it." 
In A Sunday Horse, Vicky Moon illustrates what Grand Prix event attendees are likely to see and to miss from behind the scenes.  Other Grand Prix scenes Vicky Moon spotlights in A Sunday Horse are:
  Celebrity sightings - Glenn Close, John Cleese dressed up for a costume class, Lorraine Bracco, Calvin Klein

 Juicy scandals- a vet accused of stealing horses and spray-painting their legs. Killing horses for insurance $

 The history of the events- the Devon Horse Show and Country Fair, the Hampton Classic and more

 The dwellings of participants and attendees, from mansions to trailers. -CEOs and illegal grooms

 Inside the day-to-day dealings of the Grand Prix events’ staff.

 The tender story of 96-year-old photographer Budd and how artist Henri Moore was inspired by his work

 Trainer Archibald Cox III, grandson of Watergate special prosecutor arrives at the Washington Horse Show and a horse physic who talks to the horses, but talk does not come cheap. "Deep Throat Meets Mister Ed"
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